Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Jejak Prihatin Edisi Bencana


Concerned with the fate of the families who were victims of the flood disaster, Aid Malaysia Islamic party has come in special assistance through a community program called "Caring Footprint Disaster Edition '. 

This is one of the emergency assistance program was planned by the Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM) in help reduce the burden of disaster victims especially the flood victims. Specific community program Through this program, Aid Malaysia Islamic party packs supplied basic necessities of food, such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, instant noodles, sardines, biscuits, milk and others. Apart from that, the Malaysia Islamic Aid also provide a "hygiene packs" to reduce the impact of flood victims who can not be brought to the temporary transfer or in flooded areas and in the villages or houses which have lost contact. Assistance has been channeled by fellow volunteers Malaysia Islamic Aid by location to be determined by a visit to the house of the victim. 

addition, the IAM also contributes to school equipment to children less fortunate victims. By having this little contribution, hopefully it will reduce the burden faced by these families as well as provide some cheer for the children to wear new clothes during the school session 2013. 

objective of this mission to help flood victims who still live at home that flooded the unable to go to evacuation centers as a remote location and reduce the burden of poor people lose their income because they could not work during the monsoon season especially rubber tappers, fishermen and those who work the village. recently, the Islamic Aid Commission (IAM) has traveled to various locations around the district of Kuala Krai, Pasir Mas and Tumpat for providing assistance to the flood victims in the state. Help pack food shaped been channeled to victims through kunjugan to the house by his fellow volunteers around the Kelantan district. About 20 people volunteer partners were directly involved in the program. According Zawahir Abdullah, President of Islamic Relief Malaysia (Malaysia Islamic Aid-IAM), this relief mission to prove that we are sensitive to the needs of local communities. This program is an emergency program to help flood victims. Implemented the concept of aid is to visit the house of the victims and providing assistance in the form of food packs to reduce the burden of hardships. Obviously he further apart from the pack in the form of food assistance, the government will also consider other efforts that should be implemented where this effort will involve the participation of volunteers, he said. "In our raced to help those affected by disasters outside the country, we should not forget the people around, because there are still a disaster like a flood that hit our country and they need help and support from the community Malaysian public. I hope that the Malaysian public to pay attention to the plight of those who need it, particularly once the people in the rural and far away in the interior.


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